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Long Beach pedestrian accident attorney offers a city that is very easy to walk around. It’s not uncommon to see people walking. It may sound good, but these pedestrians are forced to contend with heavy traffic of trucks and passengers every day. Long Beach  has many tourist attractions as well. It is home to one of largest ports on the planet. For pedestrians, sharing the road with traffic is unsafe.

Because pedestrians have no protection at all, they are often seriously injured and even fatally killed when involved in accidents with motor vehicles. The Dominguez Firm offers a FREE initial consultation to anyone who has been injured or killed in a Long Beach accident. Contact us by calling 877-265-2167. At a moments notice, we can visit you at home or in the hospital.

Read on to find out more about Long Beach’s pedestrian accidents, and what The Dominguez Law Firm can do for you if your injuries were caused by a Long Beach accident.

California and Long Beach Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Long Beach was one of 50 biggest cities in the United States as of 2019. It had a population over 462,000. This is the seventh largest city in California. Long Beach, which is part of Los Angeles County and has a population in the millions, may surprise you.

Long Beach, unfortunately, is also one of California’s top cities for pedestrians because it has a lot of people. Long Beach, despite its small size, ranks in the top ten of every major accident stat . :

  • The third most common type of accident, with 2,936 victims injured or killed.
  • 39The third.
  • 47The first to protect pedestrians younger than 15 years of age who have been injured or fatally killed in road accidents.

It doesn’t look much better for pedestrians at state-level either. California, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association was among the five states responsible for nearly half of the pedestrian deaths that occurred in the U.S. during 2019. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, Pedestrian Spotlight California was among five states responsible for 47% of all pedestrian deaths in 2019.

Long Beach: Dangerous Areas for Pedestrians

Long Beach areas with higher densities of population tend to be more pedestrian-friendly. data collected from 2015-2020 showed certain intersections as the most hazardous.

  • Seventh Street, Pacific Avenue– This intersection and these two streets recorded the greatest number of pedestrians and bicyclists killed during the five year period with 16 deaths. Many drivers take these streets to bypass heavy traffic and avoid the freeway.
  • Pacific Coast Highway In Long Beach, accidents caused multiple injuries or deaths to pedestrians at several intersections. PCH, between the underpass 710 and Santa Fe Avenue was one area where six pedestrians died.
  • Seventh Street – East Anaheim Street This section of Long Beach’s downtown saw seven pedestrian deaths and injuries.

What causes the most Long Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorney in California?

Pedestrians are often injured by reckless drivers or those who do not pay attention. This can be caused by driving too fast, making an illegal turn, speeding, and/or driving without paying enough attention.

  • Driving While Distracted-This is the perfect example of an individual causing a car accident by not paying attention. No wonder that many drivers do not keep their attention on the road, especially with the introduction of sophisticated entertainment systems and cellphones in cars today. It’s no wonder that pedestrian fatalities and injuries have increased in recent times across the U.S.
  • Careless Driving– Includes speeding or turning without looking for pedestrians, regardless of whether it is legal or not. On the freeway it’s dangerous enough, but on Long Beach’s residential streets with their crowded traffic is extremely hazardous.
  • DUI– Drugs and alcohol impair a person’s reflexes, muscle coordination and the ability to take quick decisions. If someone injures or kills a pedestrian in Long Beach while The right-of-way is always given to pedestrians in California’s marked and unmarked crossings. All pedestrians need to be careful when crossing streets.Traffic laws do not apply to pedestrians. It is not acceptable to jaywalk, or look down at your mobile phone when crossing the street. Don’t even stop when crossing the street.If you’ve been hit while texting and jaywalking, then you may still be able to take legal action. California’s comparative-fault system makes this possible. It is possible to share some blame in your accident and still receive damages.

    You will be partly responsible for an accident if, say, you jaywalked. Your attorney will be able to prove that your defendant is also at fault if they speed. It is up to the court how much fault each party has. As an example, suppose the court ascribes 50% or equal fault to each side. In the case of a Long Beach pedestrian accident where you receive $2 million, your damages would be $1 million ($2 million + 50% = $1,000,000).

    Can I claim compensation for an accident that occurred on Long Beach?

    Damages are what you might be entitled for your Long Beach pedestrian injury. The majority of pedestrians who are struck by a car suffer catastrophic and serious injuries. In determining your damages, an attorney will look at the extent of injuries you have sustained and how those will affect your life in future.

    The two main types of damage are economic and noneconomic. In order to calculate economic damages, you must take into consideration all the costs incurred by your accident. They include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Ambulance Fees
    2. Medical bills
    3. Rehabilitation costs
    4. Mental Health counseling
    5. Home modifications
    6. Long-term care
    7. Lost income

    These damages reflect the victims’ emotional distress. They often account for the majority of the total settlement or judgment. It is so because, in many cases, the non-economic damage award is unlimited.

    Non-economic Damages: Here is a list of the most frequently awarded damages.

    1. Agony and pain
    2. Anxiety
    3. Emotional distress
    4. Scarring, disfigurement
    5. Mental trauma
    6. Grief
    7. Enjoyment of life is lost
    8. Loss or loss of consortium

    The attorney will compare the injuries you sustained in a Long Beach pedestrian accident to others they have helped to determine what compensation is due to you.

    Can your firm assist someone injured in a pedestrian accident

    Our firm has been helping Long Beach pedestrian accidents victims for over 30 year. Whether you lack medical coverage or you’re an undocumented alien, we are here to help.

    Why Choose Our Long Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

    We have attorneys who are nationally known and have won millions, if not tens of thousands of dollars for victims of pedestrian accidents in California. No, we are not an attorney referral service. We will never pass on your case to another firm. Our firm is a true law office with award-winning attorneys, our in-house investigators, and an extensive network of leading medical providers.

  • In the event that insurance companies refuse to offer a fair settlement, and their attorneys are unwilling to do so, they will not hesitate to take The Dominguez firm to trial. It gives us leverage other law firms do not have. Choose The Dominguez firm and you are choosing an established personal injury law office that is known for its power.

    The Dominguez Law Firm is Here to Help

    For a FREE Consultation, call The Dominguez Firm at 877-265-2652. We work on a contingent fee basis, so don’t worry about costs. This means that we are compensated by a portion of your settlement or final verdict. The percentage you will receive is clearly stated in our client representation agreement. We will not charge you any upfront fees. No upfront costs, hidden charges or out of pocket expenses are required.

    You owe nothing to us if we fail to recover compensation. If there’s no settlement, you won’t be charged. Contact us right away.

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