How to use Green screen on instagram

Take your Instagram Reels to the next level with the game-changing Green Screen feature.

Take your Instagram Reels to the next level with the game-changing Green Screen feature.

Searching for a new way to make your Instagram Reels stand out from the crowd?

Try the green screen feature!

It’s a fun way to incorporate content from other places (like your comment section or news stories) and tell the world your opinion.

And that’s not the only way you can use this feature to elevate your Instagram game.

But before we jump into green screen ideas for Instagram Reels, let’s rewind.

Part 1: How to Use Green screen on instagram

Instagram green screen is one of the most talked-about things about Instagram since last year. It enables a Hollywood-style effect for backgrounds while you’re sitting at your home. You can now virtually travel to different destinations by using the green screen effect. You can also import other stickers and classic posters in your background with the help of the green-screen product.

The green background can be replaced with various sceneries or any kind of background imaginable. Now, if you want to make a snap or an Instagram video at an adventurous destination, you don’t have to go there. You can do it by using a virtual background with the help of the Instagram green-screen effect.

If you have not heard of the green screen effect of Instagram yet, then don’t worry. This is the perfect time to know how to use this effect on Instagram, and for this, we have got you covered. In this part, we will discuss a stepwise method to use the green screen Instagram effect. So, let’s get started:

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Step1: Launch Instagram

First things first, launch the Instagram app on your phone to get started. Now click on the little icon on your profile picture to start an Instagram story.

Step 2: Browse Effect Option

You’ll see an effect prompt, and then you need to swipe to the right until you get the Browse Effects option.

Step 3: Search Green Screen

Now tap on the search option and type Green Screen. Several effects will come after the search, but we need the Instagram green-screen effect, i.e., the one offered by Instagram. Bookmark that effect to save it for use.

Ins Green Screen Filters

Step 4: Tap on Add Media

Tap on the Add Media option to add the background. Upload a video or an image for the background. After that, drag yourself to the area where you wish to see yourself.

add Ins Green Screen Filters

Step 6: Add to the Story or Download it

Now either add it to your Instagram story by tapping on the bottom left option or download it to your phone’s library by clicking on the Download option.

download Ins Green Screen video

Part 2: How to Use the Green Screen on Instagram Reel

Instagram has launched the Instagram Reel, and since then, people are going crazy about it. But it being a new feature, not much of it is known about. Instagram has added several new features to the Reels function that lets the user capture his videos and upload them right away using the Instagram app. One of the prime features is the Green Screen Instagram effect.

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The green screen feature on Instagram Reels allows you to add virtual background to your videos and images. You could be sitting in your room, but it can make it look like you’re somewhere vacationing. It allows you to import your media as your background. You can also use filters as your background to make it more entertaining.

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Several creators have uploaded their green screen filters for Instagram Reels. Moreover, Instagram has also officially made a green screen effect for its users. But you need to know how to use the green screen on Instagram Reel before you get started with it. The following steps can assist you in that:

Step 1: Launch the app

You have to launch the Instagram app on your phone to use the green screen Instagram effect.

Step 2: Tap on the Story

Click on Profile Picture on the top left, named as your story, to start it. Now, swipe right until you see the Reels option.

Step 3: Select Reels

Now select the Reels option. A panel will appear on the right side, and then you need to choose Effects from it. Remember that the green screen effect is not already provided, so you have to search for it. Swipe all the way to the right until you get to the Browse Effects option.

Step 4: Search Green Screen

Now, search Green Screen in the search menu and click the first option to see the official green screen ig effect. Now download the effect using the download the option.

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Step 5: Add Media

Now upload your media using Add Media option. Now drag yourself where you want to see yourself. You can also add stickers or GIFs as a background. After that, you’re all set for your Reels video.

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