Best social media networking app for businesses in Nigeria

Best social media networking app for businesses in Nigeria

Every business owner in Nigeria and over the globe is always in search of the Best Social Media Networking Apps, either to grow their online presence or to make more sales either way the result of using social media networks is to expand and grow their business online.

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in this post, we will be discussing; Best social media networking app for businesses in Nigeria

List of the Best Social Media Networking Apps for Nigerian Businesses

1. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most entertaining and interesting social networking networks, despite being arguably the easiest. 
Although messages can only be 140 characters or less, that is more than enough to publish link, share an image, 
or even exchange ideas with your favorite influencer or celebrity.  The interface of Twitter is simple to use and learn and creating new profile simply only few minutes.
Twitter is type of microblogging software because of the brief, disjointed messages it posts. 
Tumblr, FriendFeed, and Plurk are more microblogging platforms.

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube are just a few of the popular social media platforms that Twitter has elements in common. But what truly characterizes Twitter are the differences.  The potential benefits Twitter could offer your company should be taken advantage of. Using the links provided below, you can start by downloading the Twitter social media networking app on your mobile device.

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2. Facebook

Facebook is the one website where you’re likely to find friends, coworkers, and family floating around. Some people consider Facebook to be synonymous with “social media.” Although posting photographs, links, and brief remarks of a personal nature dominate Facebook, users can also support businesses or organizations by becoming followers of them. Utilize the possible advantages Facebook could offer your company. Using the links provided below, you may start by downloading the Facebook social media networking app on your mobile device.

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3. LinkedIn

One of the biggest professional networks in the world, LinkedIn has over 380 million registered users. It may generate a lot of interaction and give you a platform to communicate information about your business, the news, future events, and more. You can connect with experts in your field and potential clients through the network.

LinkedIn, one of the few popular social media platforms that have been specifically designed to support business expansion, is to the internet what networking groups previously were to local business communities. It’s fantastic for networking with vendors, meeting customers, hiring new staff members, and staying up to date on business or industry news.

You can probably do it on LinkedIn if it’s relevant to your business or career. You should take advantage of the possible benefits LinkedIn could offer your company. Using the links provided below, you may start by downloading the LinkedIn social media networking app for your mobile device.

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4. WhatsApp

The reason Facebook paid $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp is that WhatsApp is the model for what all messaging services should strive to be. It has a large user base, is nicely designed, is free to use (even for international messaging), and allows you to send texts, voice messages, images, and videos.

Today, this viral marketing strategy has supplanted more conventional social media promotion. Due to the widespread use of mobile devices, it is now simple for marketers to deliver promotional texts, videos, or audio files to their target audience.

WhatsApp has developed into a convenient way to communicate with family and friends on a national and worldwide level. It is currently the most successful and cutting-edge marketing strategy utilized to promote businesses. It is intended to advertise your company and establish a close relationship with potential customers.

WhatsApp is a key tool that one of our client FFOs utilizes to nurture her potential downlines. How does she do it, exactly? She started a group on WhatsApp, shared its URL on Facebook, invited people to join, and then kept in touch with them there. It’s that easy!

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6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook made a really wise decision to separate Messenger from its main app in 2014. With 700 million users now, Messenger has developed into much more than a way to text friends.

Now, Messenger can easily exchange stickers and animated GIFs, transmit money (limitedly), and make video and phone conversations over the internet. When “M,” Facebook’s virtual assistant, is made available outside of San Francisco, Messenger will be able to perform a variety of tasks for you, such as placing an order for shoes or calling your cable company.

Messenger is positioned to succeed significantly if the future is one app that can do everything.

Utilize the potential benefits Facebook Messenger could offer your company.

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7. Instagram

As most of you are aware, one of the most popular image-sharing websites and services worldwide is Instagram.

The company’s app was quite helpful when it first launched, and it continued to get better with time. When sharing photographs, you have a ton of additional options beyond the standard feed that you receive. For example, there are many different filters available, while most of the more traditional ones are still available. Additionally, the design is flat, and using the app is generally a delight because it works so effectively and accomplishes its goal.

You should take advantage of the potential benefits Instagram could offer your company. Use the links provided below to download the Instagram social media networking app and get started.

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As a platform for sharing videos, YouTube has grown to be so well-liked that, in some places, people refer to it as “the world’s second-largest search engine.” The website features information on practically every subject or discipline, including first-person product evaluations, advertisements, and “how-to” instructions. The content that users view may be shared, rated and commented on.

A potential client’s first words when we begin a conversation are invariable “Twitter” and “Facebook.” They’ll say, “We’ve heard we need to be there,” in response. We were told that we needed to be here.

“I’ll tell them that publishing material on YouTube enables you to be discovered or found by individuals who are out looking for information, which is great for increasing traffic, list development, and leads for your business. And if you’re producing video material, you may upload it to YouTube instead of hoarding it on your own website, where it’s highly unlikely that anybody would ever see it. There are other online video destination sites that are available; however, YouTube commands the lion’s share of the market.

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