10 Facebook Live tips for businesses to follow

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Live-streaming Facebook content has seen a surge in popularity due to social media platforms’ increasing support of live-streaming features and growing interest in interactive video events that are less filtered than pre-produced content. Facebook Live is now one of the top three live-streaming platforms among different age groups in 2020.

As people adjust their social media and entertainment habits in 2021 and beyond, the trend of live video is not slowing down. So how can businesses take advantage of this engagement for their brand?

It’s easier than ever for brands to run a Facebook live stream, thanks to recent feature updates that let business Pages broadcast the same way personal profiles were able to previously. To start a Facebook Live video from a business page, choose “Start a Live Video” from the options in the create post box. Then, create a stand-out description, including elements like location or tag others. Finish your setup and select “Start Live Video” to begin broadcasting. It’s important to note that it’s crucial to have a video strategy in place before, during, and after the broadcast to ensure maximum engagement.

Here are 10 Facebook Live tips for businesses to follow:

  1. Source content and themes from your community: Ask your community what they want to learn about, what topics they are interested in, and what they want to see. Run polls, create themes based on questions and comments from the community, or ask people directly what they want to see.
  2. Promote before you start your Facebook Live: Generate interest before the experience if you want to get viewership. Create an event to give people a reminder for the day of the event, and push the upcoming announcement on your Facebook account as often as possible. Share something new of value each time you remind your audience, highlight a tip you’ll share, or what kind of information you’ll be covering.
  3. Prepare yourself by limiting distractions: Take some time to prepare before you broadcast your video. You can begin with a private broadcast for testing, test your lighting, sound, and other surrounding elements, and invest in a tripod to avoid the “shaky cam” experience. Also, minimize any unwanted background noise and ambiance, whether indoors or outside. A strong broadband connection can go a long way, too.
  4. Make formatting decisions: Think about how you’ll shoot your video and when you’ll stream it. Try both horizontal and vertical shooting in a test run to see what works best for you. Decide whether you’ll use third-party tools or not, and consider how you’ll deliver the content, whether you want to be a talking head or invite guests.
  5. Encourage engagement: Facebook Live is all about engagement, so encourage your viewers to comment, ask questions, and interact with you during the broadcast. Address comments and questions during the stream, and follow up with viewers after the broadcast.
  6. Be authentic and transparent: Facebook Live is a great way to show the authentic side of your business. Be yourself, show your personality, and be transparent with your viewers.
  7. Promote your products/services: Facebook Live is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your products or services and provide demonstrations, tutorials, or behind-the-scenes looks.
  8. Broadcast regularly: Consistency is key when it comes to Facebook Live. Schedule your live streams in advance, so your audience knows when to tune in, and stick to a regular schedule.
  9. Analyze your performance: Use Facebook’s analytics to track your performance, see who’s watching, and how long they’re watching for. This data will help you refine your strategy and improve engagement.
  10. Follow-up: Don’t forget to follow up with your viewers after the broadcast. Respond to comments and questions, thank people for tuning in, and let them know about upcoming broadcasts.
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In conclusion, Facebook Live provides businesses with an incredible opportunity to connect with their audience in real time and in a more personal way. By following these essential tips, brands can maximize engagement and create valuable content that resonates with their community.

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Remember, the key is to plan and prepare ahead of time to ensure a seamless broadcast. From sourcing content and themes from your community to promote the event before going live, and limiting distractions during the broadcast, there are many ways to make your Facebook Live video a success.

So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to take advantage of this powerful tool and start creating amazing content for your audience. With Facebook Live, the possibilities are endless!

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